Therapeutic Approach

I offer client-centered, trauma-informed relational and sensorimotor therapy.

Therapeutically, this means that we will pay close attention to how your early relationships shape your experience and understanding of yourself and yourself in relationship with others today. We will also attune to your nervous system and the sensations that arise in your body to help us understand where you may be holding traumatic experiences and how we can help them find some movement.

My therapeutic style is empathic, nonjudgmental, attentive and direct. Because each client brings with them a unique case, I tailor my approach to suit the specific symptoms that are arising for you. I practice from a feminist, sex-positive, anti-oppressive, class-conscious approach that is trans, queer and gender non-conforming positive. Everyone is welcome in my practice and I encourage you to arrive just as you are.

Relational Therapy

As your relational therapist, I will help you explore and deconstruct unconscious stories and belief systems that may be limiting your potential and keeping you out of connection with others. I will support you as we gain a greater understanding of your early relational experiences and how they influence your way of being in the world today. We will get curious about your beliefs about yourself and about others to assess how they serve you and how they limit you. In our sessions, I will help you identify your needs and learn how to get them met. I will support you in determining your boundaries so you can have a clear understanding of where you can meet others comfortably without losing yourself. My ultimate goal is to help you develop a more secure sense of self so you can become your own trustworthy guide.

Sensorimotor / Somatic Therapy

Sensorimotor therapy uses the body as an entry point to trauma processing. It is a nervous system-based approach rooted in the understanding that trauma is stored in the body. In our sessions, I will attend to your nervous system and track what’s happening in your body as you share your story. Through the use of somatic exercises, role play and movement we will reprocess traumatic events in a safe, contained setting. I will help you develop resources and stabilization skills to manage and cope with what triggers you.

Contact me to set up an appointment time. I will get back to you within 24-48 hours. 

Specialty Areas

♦   Anxiety

♦   Depression

♦   Loss & Bereavement

♦   Gender & Sexuality

♦   Post Traumatic Stress

♦   Relational Trauma

♦   Attachment Trauma

♦   Sexual and Physical Abuse

♦   Substance Abuse

♦   Disordered Eating

♦   Obsessions & Compulsions

♦   Sexuality and Intimacy